Can Dogs Eat Small Pieces of Cooked Mushrooms?

Certain types of mushrooms may be safe for doggies. Images

If you're reveling in a meal that includes mushrooms while your precious pooch is looking up at you longingly, then you're well aware of the frustration of having to ignore him. However, in some cases, mushrooms may be a totally safe and rare reward for your hungry little canine.


The only kind of mushroom that is safe and acceptable to offer to your cutie is available at the supermarket. If the mushroom is safe for you to eat and is on sale at your local grocery store, then it likely is safe for your doggie, too, notes the ASPCA.

Diet Interruptions

In some cases, doggie digestive systems act up when a new and foreign food item enters their diet. Because of this frustrating possibility, allow your little one to eat only a minimal amount of cooked mushrooms -- and only once in a while. Rapid changes in diet can lead to major discomfort in canines -- think diarrhea woes and tummy ache -- yikes. Try to avoid this by exercising serious moderation when it comes to feeding your pet cooked mushrooms. If you notice your pet displaying these symptoms even after just a small amount, consider not giving him mushrooms again.

Wild Mushrooms

Wild mushrooms are a 100 percent "no-no" for your doggie; they can indeed be dangerous and toxic. If you ever allow your dog to eat any mushrooms growing outdoors, he could experience serious poisoning -- no, thank you. According to the ASPCA, pets that consume wild mushrooms may incur damage to the kidney or liver, and possibly even serious neurological and digestive consequences. Sometimes, toxic mushrooms can even be fatal to pets. Even if you have no reason to think that a mushroom growing in your yard is toxic, don't take the chance. It's simply not worth the risk to your dog's health and happiness.


If you do decide to offer your doggie a small amount of cooked mushrooms from the supermarket -- say one or two of them -- make sure to keep them plain and free of any seasonings or extras. Butter, for example, is a dairy product that includes milk, and dogs often are incapable of properly digesting lactose. Excessive salt also may be toxic to doggies. Bland is best when it comes to feeding your pet cooked mushrooms.