Can Dogs Eat Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream?

Traditional ice cream and dogs simply don't belong together.
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Most dog lovers are keenly aware of how much the furry cuties want most human foods. Unsurprisingly, ice cream of any flavor is no exception, whether yummy strawberry or vanilla. However, since dogs as a species generally are lactose intolerant, ice cream may not be the greatest treat idea.

Lactose Intolerance

The vast majority of ice creams out there are classified as dairy products, as they usually contain cream and milk. The ASPCA notes that dairy products and canines aren't usually a good match. Dogs usually don't have enough of the enzyme lactase in order to smoothly digest milk sugar, also known as lactose. Because of these digestion woes, most dogs are considered to be lactose intolerant.

Ice Cream Flavors

Regardless of whether the ice cream is strawberry, vanilla or a little bit of both, keep ice cream far, far away from your hungry cutie. Chocolate is an especially problematic flavor. Combined with the troubling milk factor, chocolate actually can be poisonous to doggies, according to the ASPCA. If a dog accidentally eats some of the sweet stuff, it could result in uncomfortable and dangerous effects, from unusual heart rhythm and panting to diarrhea and throwing up. In some cases, fatalities are even possible.

The bottom line is, keep all flavors of ice cream out of reach of your pet -- especially if it's chocolate.

Effects of Dairy Consumption

Although a doggie may certainly enjoy the taste and icy, refreshing qualities of ice cream, he may not enjoy the consequences of eating dairy. The ASPCA advises that digestive issues are common after dogs consume any dairy products. Your dog may experience throwing up, nausea, diarrhea and a stomachache after just mere bites of strawberry or vanilla ice cream. Definitely not worth it.

Doggie Ice Cream

Sure, your dog can't eat strawberry and vanilla ice cream made for human consumption. Thankfully, there is ice cream made specifically for canines. A wide array of doggie-friendly milk-free ice creams are available commercially, so don't leave your pet out of the fun. You both can enjoy the occasional frosty snack together -- just not the exact same kind.