Can Dogs Be Fed Scrambled Eggs?

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Dogs are notorious for having limitless -- and non-discretionary -- appetites. While we all want to give our pups love, including a few table scraps, not all human food is healthy for canines. Scrambled eggs are fine; as long as they are not mixed with ingredients that can be hazardous to your dog's well-being.

Skip The Onion and Avocado

Scrambled eggs are an acceptable food for dogs. In fact, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends plain scrambled eggs -- mixed only with cheese, bell peppers and tomatoes -- as a treat to fill up a KONG toy. However, many ingredients people mix with their eggs, including onions and avocados, potentially are toxic to dogs. So if you're letting Fido lick your plate, make sure it's a recipe his tummy can handle.


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