Can Dogs Take a Shower Once a Week?

Is it bathtime again?
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How often Rufus needs a shower depends on many things, such as whether he's an indoor doggie or one that loves to play outside. Or what breed he is and what type of hair he has. A shower once a month is a common choice for many pet owners --unless doggie happens to run through a muddy field or has an encounter with smelly garbage that might require an urgent bath.

One-Week Frequency

Giving Rufus a shower once a week is okay if he's the "right" breed. For example, Dogtime says dogs with oily coats -- such as Basset Hounds -- might need weekly baths in order to look and feel good. On the other hand, bathing a dog with a water-repellent coat -- such as a golden retriever -- once a week might a bad idea. Frequent bathing gets rid of oils, which these dogs need to preserve the quality of their hair and the health of their skin.

Regular Frequency

The ASPCA has a minimum recommendation for baths, but not a maximum. According to them, dogs should be given a shower at least once every three months. Baths are good for Rufus' skin and can help ease shedding and get rid of oily hair and other problems.

The Sniff Rules

If Rufus' coat is not covered in mud, then use the sniff rule to determine is a shower is needed. Doggies should smell, well, like doggies -- a soft scent that doesn't make you want to run away screaming. If the odor is not offensive and the coat looks good, skip the weekly shower.

If You Bathe Once a Week

If you insist in giving doggie a shower once a week -- or if you have no choice -- choose products that are easy on the skin. You can get puppy shampoo if you want -- it's less irritant than other types. Weekly showers don't have to be as extensive, either. For example, WebMD recommends sudsing and rinsing doggie twice when giving a bath. But if you're doing this weekly, a single quick rinse with just some soap and warm water should be enough.