Can Dogs Transfer Colds?

When cold symptoms strike, a vet visit rules out any serious causes.
Dean Golja/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When cold season arrives, you may find yourself avoiding anyone sneezing or coughing in the hopes of making it through without catching a cold. Like humans, dogs can spread bacteria and viruses through direct contact. While your dog cannot catch your cold, he can catch other coldlike diseases from his canine friends and spread them to others.

Contagious Canine Colds

Your dog can contract a simple cold that produces symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, stuffy nose and watery eyes. These simple colds often pass without the need for treatment, similar to human colds. Unfortunately, many serious diseases and infections, such as kennel cough or canine distemper, present with the same symptoms. Left untreated, can be fatal.

Veterinarian Care

If your pooch has the sniffles, visit your veterinarian and rule out infection. If he suffers from just a simple cold, fluids and rest will have your pooch back to his normal self soon. If it is a more serious condition, your dog may require treatment. In the case of canine distemper or kennel cough, isolation is also necessary.