Can Eating Ice Cubes Hurt a Dog's Teeth?

Always monitor anything your doggie puts into his mouth.
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When it comes to feeding your pooch anything new, caution is your greatest friend, even in things that are seemingly innocuous, such as ice cubes. Your doggie deserves the concern, after all.

OK to Eat Ice Cubes

If your doggie has a penchant for eating ice cubes and hasn't encountered any difficulties, then he should be A-OK. Ice cubes also can be effective in hydrating pooches -- and preventing dizziness and motion sickness -- in the midst of atypical situations, like extended car rides.


Excessively pointy ice cubes can be problematic, however, both to a dog's teeth and gums. You don't want these bits scratching against the interior of your pet's mouth. Keep broken teeth at bay and always closely examine any ice cubes you give your doggie. Teeth fractures call for immediate veterinary assistance, so take note.


Always keep portions of ice cubes minimal, two cubes maximum, as excessive amounts can affect the canine body temperature. Also, never feed ice cubes to dogs who are experiencing cold weather conditions in any capacity. Be smart, safe and practical. Lastly, never assume that ice cubes can take the place of actual water. Make sure your dog always has plenty of clean water in front of him.