Can You Feed Dogs Spicy Things?

Save the spicy stuff for your two-legged friends and family.
Todd Warnock/Photodisc/Getty Images

While spicy foods such as buffalo wings, enchiladas and curry might be OK for some people, they're definitely inappropriate for dogs. Table food in general is not a good match with our hungry canine buddies. When you're winding down at home with delicious spicy fare, perhaps from the local Tex-Mex restaurant or Indian bistro, keep it away from the dog.

Spicy Food Is Not Canine Friendly

Plain and simple, never feed your dog any spicy food. Feeding your canine spicy foods, especially in excess, could lead to major digestive woes -- think unpleasant indigestion. Spicy offerings are simply too rich for your furry buddy's stomach to handle. While your dog might be giddy during the seconds it takes him to scarf down a couple of bites from your spicy meal, he'll likely end up with runny stools not long after. Spare your pet the tummy distress and possible veterinary appointment. Always keep spicy foods away from his mouth, even if he pleads persistently with his limpid eyes.

Pancreatitis Is a Risk

Not only can spicy foods bring upon watery stool in unsuspecting pooches, they can sometimes cause major health conditions. Canine pancreatitis is one such example. The disease, which is sometimes life-threatening, involves the inflammation of the pancreas. Many dogs develop pancreatitis due to eating fatty foods, but spicy foods can also be culprits. Minimize your pet's risk of developing this ailment by never feeding him anything spicy. Pancreatitis is particularly prevalent in female canines, notably those middle-aged and older.

Your Nose Will Thank You

Spicy foods can be detrimental to your precious dog's health and also to your nose. Eating spicy things often makes them flatulent -- yikes. Other foods that commonly lead to flatulence in canines include peas, dairy items and soybeans. Ensuring that your dog eats a healthy and appropriate canine diet will help keep the air in your home less than abrasive.

People Food's Just Not for Dogs

Spicy foods aren't the only "people food" hazard for dogs. Table food, as a general rule, usually isn't suitable for dogs. Dogs need to eat foods that are specifically formulated to meet their dietary needs. People foods simply don't satisfy those requirements. Consult your veterinarian to put together a healthy meal plan for your pet, and avoid letting your dog consume people foods that are dangerous and toxic to pets -- including grapes, chocolate, macadamia nuts and anything from the onion family. Don't ever give your dog any food unless you're fully certain that it's safe for him. When in doubt, talk to your vet first.