Where Can I File for a Lost Dog?

Microchipping pets can often make finding them easier.
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Losing a dog is a terrifying thing. If you find yourself in this tough situation, you might feel overwhelmed with emotions such as anxiety and fear. As hard as it might be to function in the midst of those feelings, it's important to take action immediately. The sooner you file a lost dog report, the better.

Shelters in Your Region

Look for all of the animal control organizations, pet rescues and shelters in your region. Call and visit all of the shelters near you. You can file for your lost dog at these shelters. When you do so, find out how long exactly the reports are effective. Organizations also often allow people to file the reports through the Internet. Be diligent while doing this and don't limit yourself to the shelters just by your home. The Humane Society of the United States recommends filing reports at all shelters that are 60 miles or less away from your residence. If you lost your pet away from home, file reports at all shelters that are 60 miles or less away from the exact spot.

Police Department

Not all areas have animal shelters. If you reside in an area without any, speak to the police to inform them about your missing dog. Give them as new a photograph as possible of your pet. Also give them helpful facts regarding your dog's physical appearance, such as coat color, collar and size. Don't leave out any conspicuous identifying characteristics, either. If your dog has a large black patch on his back, don't forget to mention it. If your dog responds to a certain nickname, inform the police of that, as well. If you have any reason to think that someone might have taken your dog, make sure to tell the police that.

Travel to Shelters

Be persistent and exhaustive in your search for your pet. Your pooch is certainly worth the efforts. Your job doesn't end at filing the report. Don't wait around for the shelters to call you, either. If you can, go to all of the shelters closest to you on a daily basis. You just might spot your pet eagerly waiting for you to pick him up and bring him back to his cozy life.

Create Flyers

Increase your chances of finding your lost dog by making flyers. The flyer should include a clear photograph of your dog, information on his appearance, his name, gender, where and when you last saw him and your contact information. Call any businesses near you that are associated with pets, whether veterinary clinics or pet supplies stores. Then ask for permission to place the flyer on walls where customers and passersby can easily see it. When you visit these places, make sure to scan their walls carefully, too. If someone found your dog and is taking care of him temporarily, you might just notice a "found" flyer with your cutie's face on it.

Try Everything

Do anything you can think of to help your odds of finding your furry pal. Post your dog's information and picture on "missing pet" online forums and websites. Inform everyone you know about your search for your pet, whether the family across the street or the cashier at the drugstore down your block. Drive or walk around your town regularly to look out for your pooch. You just never know where he might be.