Can Kennel Cough Affect a Dog's Bark?

Kennel cough is especially prevalent in canine youngsters.
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If your dog seems under the weather and miserable, an upper respiratory infection kennel cough could be the problem. The poor thing might make hacking sounds. He might have a runny nose. His bark might even sound a little different. If you think that your pooch might have kennel cough, also known as infectious tracheobronchitis, get him to the veterinarian immediately.

Abnormal Barking Sounds

If your dog's bark sounds out of the ordinary, kennel cough could be the cause, according to the Petwave website. Kennel cough is characterized by larynx, throat and tracheal infection. When dogs suffer from kennel cough, they often produce a lot of grating noises that sound like a combination between a cough and a bark. The uncomfortable sounds sometimes give the impression that the dogs have items lodged inside of their throats. If you hear any rasping barks coming out of your dog, consider kennel cough as a possibility, especially if the jarring sounds appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Other Kennel Cough Symptoms

Although strange barks and coughs are indicative of kennel cough, they're not the only possible symptoms of the extremely contagious ailment. Other potential indications of kennel cough include occasional fever, low energy levels, gagging and wet coughing with a pale bubbly substance. When dogs have kennel cough, they tend to maintain strong appetites. They also tend to remain as vigilant as usual. Call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment as soon as you detect any symptoms of kennel cough in your pet, whether a throaty and gravelly bark or retching.

Barking and Causing Kennel Cough

Despite the name of the ailment, dogs in no way have to be in boarding kennels to contract kennel cough. The majority of dogs that get kennel cough, however, are seen in boarding environments, says Lucia E. Parent, author of "Beagles." Dogs often get kennel cough when they're in close proximity to many other fellow canines. When dogs are in strange and unfamiliar locations such as kennels, they frequently react by doing a lot more barking than normal. This excessive and extended barking can sometimes help trigger kennel cough due to bringing upon sore throat and irritation, according to Ruth B. James, veterinarian and author of "The Dog Repair Book."

Barking and More Coughing

Seemingly nonstop coughing is a major source of discomfort for dogs with kennel cough. Some things can make the coughing even more intense, too. Barking is just one of them. If a dog with kennel cough barks, that could lead to more unpleasant coughing episodes. Being around cold air, leashed outdoor strolls and exhilaration all can make coughing worse in dogs with kennel cough, according to veterinarian Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld, author of the "ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs." As a caring owner, what you can do for a pet with kennel cough is get him prompt veterinary care. Once the vet assesses your pet's condition, she can select the right path to management, whether through antibiotics or anything else.