Can a Laser Pointer Hurt My Dog?

Laser pointers emit photons of light onto a surface.
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Anytime we choose a toy for our dogs, it should be safe for both their mental and physical health. Laser pointers certainly grab their attention, however eye safety is of the utmost importance. Beyond that, they may also cause frustration for Fido.

Laser Pointer Play Can Be Very Frustrating

Laser pointers project a beam of light onto a surface. While that beam should never be pointed directly at Fido's eyes, generally, pointers purchased at pet stores are safe and designed for companion animal use (provided all included instructions are followed). However, when a dog is "playing" by chasing after a ball, stick, or laser pointer, they are, in reality, chasing prey. Tangible objects can be caught, allowing Fido to work on his skills, but laser pointers are nothing more than light, and recent studies suggest perhaps, this type of play is not beneficial to your pup.