Can Owners Test Their Dogs Sugar Levels?

The ears are the most common place to prick for blood sugar testing.
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Keeping track of your diabetic dog’s blood sugar is not much different from the way humans with diabetes check their blood sugar at home. Blood sugar monitors require a single drop of blood. For those who are a little squeamish when it comes to blood or for dogs who put up a fight, urine monitoring is another possibility. Talk with your veterinarian about the blood sugar monitoring method he recommends and specific levels that require immediate attention.

Blood Monitoring

Glucose blood testing for dogs works similar to the way humans test, except instead of pricking fingers, you use the lancet to prick a hairless section of the ear or the inside of the upper lip. A single blood drop is enough to test.

Urine Monitoring

Urine monitoring requires a bit more materials and a bit more flexibility. When you take your dog out for a walk, place a clean urine collection container in his stream of urine. Submerge a specially made urine dipstick into the collected urine. Once dry, match the dipstick to a chart to read levels of urine glucose and ketones.