Can Puppies Have Almonds?

In small amounts, almonds are a pet-friendly food.
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Denying a puppy "human food" as a snack is not always very easy. After all, the little guys look so adorable when they plead with you from under the table. Thankfully, certain human foods in moderation -- such as almonds -- are safe and nutritious for people and canines alike.


In terms of toxicity, throw your worries about almonds out the windows. The ASPCA indicates that almonds are not in any way poisonous to pets, so you can breathe easy there.

Excessive Consumption

Although almonds aren't toxic, too many of them can trigger tummy woes in your puppy. The level of fat in almonds can cause your little one to experience diarrhea and throwing up -- no fun at all. Not to mention, the significant fat in nuts also can potentially contribute to pancreatitis, a disease that involves the pancreas' swelling and inflammation.

Nutritious Snack

The ASPCA advocates unsalted almonds as a healthy occasional "human food" snack for your puppy. Remember to exercise serious moderation, however. Think three or four almonds rather than a whole bag of them.

It's also important to remember the "unsalted" factor. Salted almonds are a no-go. Salt and canines just aren't a good mix. When a dog consumes too much salt, he becomes susceptible to harmful sodium ion toxicosis. Too much salt also may trigger other most unpleasant effects in your pet -- think frequent urination, diarrhea, abnormal thirst levels, tremors, throwing up, convulsions and raised body temperature. In some cases, salt overload can even be fatal too dogs. If you are worried that your puppy somehow ingested excessive salt, seek emergency veterinary assistance immediately.

Puppy Treats

The puppy stage is a vital one for growth and development, and proper nutrition is a major component in that. The ASPCA states, however, that occasional treats in puppies are acceptable -- although they should make up 5 percent or less of your pet's overall consumption every day. Your puppy needs to be eating protein-packed puppy-specific food to satisfy his energy needs. Whether unsalted almonds or kitty snacks from a bag, keep the treats rare and in moderation. Also, if you keep the special treats relatively few and far between, he'll likely appreciate them more.