Can Puppies Eat Cantalope?

Keep your puppy's cantaloupe consumption to a strict minimum.
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Giving a firm "no" to a begging, dewy-eyed puppy is difficult for any animal lover to do. For the most part, treating your dog to people foods is not advised. But if you're munching on a healthy snack of refreshing cantaloupe, you may share just a little bit.


A cantaloupe's fruity orange flesh is not toxic to puppies or dogs, according to the ASPCA. However, as with any occasional and special treat, it's important to keep portions in moderation. Large portions of new and unfamiliar foods are never a good idea for puppies -- or any dogs, for that matter. You may allow your little cutie one or two small bites of the juicy fruit every one in a while, but keep it at that. Before you do this, though, always get your veterinarian's stamp of approval for your individual puppy.

Diet Changes

Dietary changes, particularly abrupt ones, can stressful a canine's gastrointestinal system. If your pet exhibits indications of tummy distress as a result of eating cantaloupe -- or any fruit in general -- do not allow her to eat it again. Be on the lookout for potential warning signs including diarrhea, throwing up, excessive salivation and zero appetite. If you notice your poor pup seems under the weather after munching on the fruit, notify your veterinarian of the situation.

Treat Restriction

Although the idea of making your puppy happy with yummy treats all of the time may seem sweet, reality is that you must always restrict the tasty stuff. Keep treats -- whether cantaloupe or anything else -- rare and controlled. Never allow your pup to consume more than 5 percent of her daily meal consumption in treats. What your puppy needs is food exclusively labeled as being for puppies, whether moistened or dry. Puppy food is nutritionally balanced and can satisfy all of the specific nutritional requirements for young and rapidly growing pooches.

Dangerous Fruits and Vegetables

Never assume that just because one fruit is healthy that another one is. All fruits and vegetables are different; each has the potential to trigger a reaction in dogs and puppies. Before you decide to give your cutie a people treat, always check on its safety first with a trusted and qualified veterinarian. For example, grapes, avocados and the pits of cherries and apples are poisonous to pets, so beware.