Can Puppies Eat Potatoes?

Baked potatoes can be a healthy canine snack.
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If your puppy's begging eyes cause you to melt, then you know how hard it is to say no to his food "requests." It's not easy to enjoy a meal in the presence of a pleading pup. However, some human foods may be suitable as occasional canine snack options.

Ripe Potatoes

According to the ASPCA, small amounts of potatoes that are ripe may be totally safe for both puppies and adult doggies to enjoy every now and then. Just make sure the potatoes are completely ripe!

Baked Potatoes

The ASPCA also recommends baked potatoes as a nutritious and harmless "once-in-a-while" doggie treat. Avoid any "extras" on top of the baked potato, however, whether sour cream, butter or anything else. Keep the potatoes plain and without frills. Sour cream and butter, for example, both contain milk, which can be very tough on a puppy's delicate tummy -- think diarrhea and tummy ache. Remember, digestion of lactose is not the strongest point for the canine species.

Potato Plants

Potato plants, at the opposite end of the spectrum, can be extremely dangerous to puppies and adult dogs alike. Never allow your fluffball near the plants, as the green components --stems and leaves -- consist of solanine, a toxic and bitter alkaloid. In the event that your puppy eats a lot of this, he may experience some potentially very harmful side effects, including disorientation, feelings of weakness, appetite loss, diarrhea, throwing up, sleepiness, slower heart rate, widened pupils and excessive salivation.

If you for any reason suspect your puppy ate any green portions of a potato plant, seek emergency veterinary help immediately. Time is valuable in these types of situations, so do not hesitate.

Puppy Diet

The puppy stage is all about healthy growth and development, so the bulk of your pet's diet should come from protein-rich, puppy-specific dry and wet food, as well as ample H20.

The ASPCA notes that certain types of potatoes may make an acceptable occasional snack, with the emphasis on "occasional." Never make any type of "human food" a staple in your pet's diet, whether he's a rapidly growing puppy or a full-grown adult.