What Can I Put on My Carpet to Get My Dog to Stop Wetting on It?

Placing your dog's food on the carpet can prevent future accidents.
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If Rascal is using the living room carpet as a potty, you're most likely not a happy camper. Maybe he lacks potty training, maybe you haven't been watching him close enough or maybe a medical condition is to blame. While you figure out what's triggering his behavior, cover up the carpet to keep him from soiling it again.


Certain textures feel unpleasant on your dog's feet and might make him prefer not to walk on them. Standing on the nubs at the bottom of a carpet runner, for instance, is uncomfortable to your dog. Just turn the runner upside down and place it over the carpet area that your furry pal likes to soil. Double-sided sticky tape and a sheet of aluminum foil have a similar effect.

Bowl, Bed and Furniture

If you're willing to rearrange the furniture, placing a heavy sofa over the area that your dog likes to soil can block his access. Placing his food bowl or bed over the area might also keep him from wetting it, because dogs dislike soiling areas where they eat and sleep.


Because the smell of your dog's waste might trigger him to soil in the same area again, thorough cleaning is essential. Use an enzymatic cleanser on the soiled carpet to eliminate any waste odors that might attract your dog. Avoid using an ammonia-based cleanser, because these resemble urine and might attract your pet companion.