What Can You Put on a Dog's Paws to Keep Him from Licking Them?

Your dog may lick his paws due to a medical condition.
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Dogs who lick their paws may do so out of boredom or discomfort. Even after treating the cause of paw licking, you may find that your dog continues the habit, which can be a challenge to break. It is important to put a stop to the behavior, because excessive licking can make your pup's feet sore, and even lead to infections. Licking is soothing, so even though he is causing more damage to his feet by constantly licking, he continues, creating a vicious circle.

Step 1

Visit the veterinarian. Various health conditions can cause your dog to lick his feet, including allergies, mites and infections.

Step 2

Introduce him to a lick-deterrent spray. Wet a cotton ball with the spray and hand it to your dog. He may smell it and decide to stay away, or he may initially take it in his mouth before dropping it in disgust. The point of this exercise is for him to recognize that the lick deterrent is something he wants to stay away from.

Step 3

Spray the-lick deterrent spray on his paws. This is perfectly safe, and will quickly break the licking habit.


  • Boredom can lead to the development of many compulsive behaviors, including foot licking. Take him for more frequent walks, throw a ball for him and provide quality chew toys for times when he is alone.

Items You Will Need

  • Lick-deterrent spray
  • Cotton balls