What Can You Do to Stop Pet Tags From Rattling?

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Dog tags are necessary because they tell strangers who your dog is, where he’s from and that he’s been vaccinated. Dog tags also help ensure your dog will be returned to you, should he go missing. Unfortunately, dog tags aren’t silent, and they can cause a bit of ruckus when the metal pieces clang together. You can silence your dog’s tags while still ensuring your dog’s information is visible.

Silicone Dog Tag Silencers

Most pet stores carry silicone dog tag silencers. These inexpensive rubber bands are easy to affix, and fit snuggly around your dog’s tags to keep them from making noise. When purchasing, bring in your dog’s tags to ensure your purchase is the right shape and size.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Tag Silencers

Secure your dog’s tag, so that it doesn’t swing freely and make noise. With a dab of hot glue, you can secure the tag to his collar. Remove the collar from your dog before gluing the tag to it and allow it to dry fully before you reattach the collar. Alternatively, you can wrap string around the tag and collar, ensuring the tags stay tightly in place when your dog is in motion. It’s important to be sure the string is wrapped in such a way that it doesn’t obscure the information on the tags.


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