Can Ticks Bite Long-Haired Dogs?

Ticks crawl from lawns and other foliage onto your long-haired dog. Images

Long-haired dogs need more grooming than short-haired breeds, especially after they've romped outdoors. Ticks have no preference as far as the length of a dog's hair, hitching a ride on long- or short-haired dogs alike. Long-haired dogs become infested with ticks more easily, as their long hair sometimes makes small ticks more difficult to see.

Tick Check

To prevent infestation in your long-haired dog, check him regularly when he returns from roaming grassy or wooded areas. Brush his hair against the natural grain, making small parts to look for the small brown or black arachnids. Pay careful attention to ear flaps, inside the ears, between the toes and the area where his legs join his body.

Tick Removal

Remove ticks with a tweezers, paying careful attention to make sure the head is completely removed, as it may continue to suck blood. Put the tick into a small container with rubbing alcohol to preserve it should you wish to take it to your vet for identification. Wipe the site of the tick bite with iodine to prevent infection. Treat your lawn for ticks and keep it mowed during summer months. When hiking, you can comb tick repellent through your dog's coat to prevent infestation, or trim your dog's coat short during the summer. You also can treat your dog with a monthly tick repellent.