Can You Use Conditioner on a Puppy?

Abstain from using human grooming products on dogs of all ages.
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Encouraging proper hygiene is just one facet of owning a puppy, whether through regular brushing or bathing. When it comes to canines, the earlier you begin bathing them, the easier it may be for the fluff balls to enjoy them for life. Only use grooming products made exclusively for doggies.

Matted Fur

Just like human beings, doggie coats require regular maintenance. Human hair is prone to tough tangling and matting without thorough and frequent brushing sessions, and dogs are no different, whether they have long or short fur. After you shampoo your pup's hair, you may want to condition it by adding moisture and softening the texture. The smoother your puppy's fur is, the easier it may be for you to brush out any frustrating mats. Use a slicker brush to handle tangles post-conditioning.

"No" to Human Conditioner

As for whether or not you can use conditioner on a puppy, the answer is indeed yes. However, you definitely cannot use conditioner that is made for "people" use. The ASPCA strongly urges pet owners never to allow their animals to bathe with grooming products designed for humans. Dogs have very different pH levels than people, and as a result, human products can be very drying and irritating to their skin. Only condition your sweet pooch with conditioner that is marked specifically as being produced for doggies.

Puppy Conditioner

Puppy skin can be very delicate and sensitive to irritation. However, pet supplies shops offer a wide array of grooming products for canines, from shampoos to conditioners and beyond. Choose a conditioner that not only is made for dog use, but that also is made for puppy use. Puppy conditioners usually aim to be particularly gentle and mild. For extra success, make sure the conditioner also is tearless in the event that it gets into your wee one's eyes.


The ASPCA advocates beginning bathing practices on puppies at a young age. The sooner your pup adjusts to the concept of water, the easier it probably will be for him to handle bathing as a regular part of his life all through adulthood. Just make sure to not go overboard with the frequency. Aim to put your puppy in the bath only once every three months or so.

Although bathing may be a smart idea for puppies, not all bathing products are suitable necessarily for the cuties. Whenever you buy a conditioner labeled as being for puppies, diligently check the label on the back. Some puppy conditioners indicate an age range and are not appropriate for those less than eight or 12 weeks old. Never use any conditioning product on your puppy until you check on the safety with your veterinarian. Always consult an experienced veterinarian regarding the health and treatment of your pet.