Where Can You Volunteer to Take Care of Dogs?

Give a dog a break: Dogs in shelters are waiting for a walk and some fresh air.
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Wanted: Compassionate people to volunteer their time to spend with dogs looking for a homes. Millions of dogs across the country wait patiently in shelters, humane societies and with private rescue groups. These groups always have a need for people who are reliable and responsible with a little extra time to volunteer to help dogs in need. You will be rewarded with doggie kisses and wagging tails.

Volunteering Options Abound

Your local humane society and animal shelters most likely will welcome help when it comes to caring for dogs in their facilities. Volunteers may walk, feed, socialize and clean up after dogs. Private animal rescue groups generally care for dogs out of volunteers' homes. Individuals who are interested in fostering dogs on a long-term basis may be eligible to care for the dog in their home until the dog is adopted by a loving family. Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals also may accept volunteers to help care for sick animals. To inquire about volunteer opportunities, search online for local humane societies, shelters and rescue groups. Many of these groups will have volunteer applications on their website. A local phone book will have a directory of humane societies, shelters and rescue groups.