Can You Wash a Rawhide Bone?

A rawhide bone can be easily washed. Images

Constructed from the inner layer of livestock hides, rawhide bones can help alleviate your dog's need to chew. Rawhide bones become soft and gummy when your dog chews on it, allowing dirt and other debris to stick to it. A simple washing can remedy the situation, preventing your dog from ingesting the grime.

Washing Rawhide

Simply run your rawhide bone under a faucet or hose and scrub the dirty area with a soft-bristled scrub brush until all dirt particles are removed. Do not soak the rawhide, or the entire bone will become gummy and begin to dissolve, creating a choking hazard for your dog. Do not use soap or detergent on the bone, as a film can remain that will make your dog sick. Shake excess water from the bone, blot with a towel and allow to air dry.