Are Cane Corsos Good Guard Dogs?

Cane Corsos are extremely focused on their individual turfs.
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Cane Corsos are big dogs with dignified and regal appearances. The Italian pooches are undeniably mesmerizing, visually, and they're bred for guardianship. If you're looking for an effective guard dog, a Cane Corso is definitely one breed to consider.

Effective Guard Dogs

Cane Corsos have long been known as tough guys and diligent workers. Roman war dogs, after all, are their forefathers. In southern regions of Italy, Cane Corsos were commonly used to go after wild pigs and other sizable game. Hunting wasn't the only typical duty for Cane Corsos, either. They resided on farms, where they served as guards not only for their human owners but also for livestock. Guarding is a natural activity for Cane Corsos. They're commonly seen as guard dogs in the modern day. Tracking is another typical modern duty for Cane Corsos.

Classic Guard Dog Qualities

Since Cane Corsos were trained to watch over humans, they display various traits that are typical of guard dogs. Guard dogs are often extremely cautious around unfamiliar people, for example. Cane Corsos are no exception in that department. The sporty dogs also generally have assertive, self-assured, resolute and determined temperaments. They are highly territorial. These traits all help contribute to the breed's strong guardian talents. Other examples of guard dog breeds like Cane Corsos include Saint Miguel cattle dogs, German shepherds, Dobermans, giant schnauzers and American bulldogs.

Secret Softies

While Cane Corsos are alert and on guard around newbies, don't expect them to be that way around their most beloved humans. Their guardian instincts cause them to be careful around strangers, but they're actually usually gentle, pleasant and warm around those they trust the most. With the right training, socialization and monitoring, Cane Corsos work well alongside children. Many of them even develop deep connections with the kids in their families. Since these dogs are big, however, they're generally better suited to kids who are at least 9 years old. Cane Corsos typically adore being around people and thrive on ample positive attention.

All in a Name

Even their name reflects Cane Corsos outstanding guarding ability. The word Corso comes from cohors, a Latin term that translates to both protector and guardian. If you need a dog to add some comfort and security to your residence, consider bringing a Cane Corso into your life. Not only are they famously protective, they're also smart and highly trainable pets.