Canine First-Aid Certification

Ensure your buddy's health in the case of an accident by having a doggie first-aid kit on hand.
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Canine first-aid classes equip you with the ability to care for your dog when you can't get to a veterinarian in an instant. The know-how you gain form such classes will undoubtedly boost your peace of mind: Obtaining these important skills may save your dog's life one day.

Canine First-Aid Classes and Certification

Canine first-aid classes teach important skills that will equip you with the ability to possibly save your dog's life in an emergency situation. There are no ambulances for animals, and around-the-clock veterinary hospitals aren't in every community -- in some places, even emergency care at 10 a.m. Tuesday is hard to come by without a long drive. Regardless of your circumstances, you're smart to gain some working knowledge of pet first aid. Knowing what to do in certain emergencies can make the difference between life or death. A pet first-aid certification will give you a certificate that serves as credentials in the event that you can volunteer to help animals who are victims of natural disasters. This certification is required by various animal rescue groups in order for you to help in disaster areas. A certification is not necessary in order to save your dog's life, but pet first-aid classes can equip you with skills and knowledge that will help you take care of Max in an emergency situation.

Emergency Skills

Dogs get themselves into plenty of trouble, and trouble comes in many forms, some of it deadly. Pet first-aid classes teach dog owners what to do in the case of a canine emergency such as a car strike or the ingestion of something toxic. Many pet first-aid classes and certification courses cover how to care for a dog who is experiencing a seizure. Dog CPR is an important part of any legitimate dog first-aid training program. You should leave with hands-on CPR training and the ability to perform it. It can be life-saving to your dog or to any other who suddenly stops breathing or chokes on an object.

Other Skills

Pet first aid covers an array of important skills that don't necessarily pertain to emergencies. Knowing how to give even the most stubborn dog medication is an important skill to have. Proper restraint techniques are useful, as they allow you to give medicine without hurting a dog. Pet first aid encompasses simpler tasks such as caring for wounds and monitoring your pet's breathing, body temperature, capillary refill time, hydration and mentation. Pet first-aid classes can provide information on setting up an at-home dog first-aid kit so you can be prepared in case of an emergency.

Class Information

The American Red Cross holds pet first-aid courses across the country. To find a class, you can start by contacting your local Red Cross chapter. The duration and number of classes vary from one program to another and within programs to suit careerists' work schedules.