Canine Hairstyles

Brushing is the first step to create a dog's hairstyle.
Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images

Move over ladies, your pooch just might be taking your place in front of the mirror. The styling of canine hair rivals human tresses with its diversity of cuts and price tag at dog grooming salons. While for some it's all about style with the appropriate placement of ribbons, bows and hair that sits just right, taking care of pup's hair also has its health benefits: Regularly groomed and clipped hair avoids painful matting.

The Continental

This haircut is the classic French poodle look featuring close-shaved legs, rear end, face and tail with puffy pompons left around the ankles and the end of the tail. Hair is left longer on other parts of the body. This canine hairstyle is a throwback to the days when poodles were used as hunting dogs and swam after downed prey, according to the Dog Groomers website. Shorter hair on the legs aided in swimming where as the longer hair on the main body protected the dog's vital organs from becoming too cold.

The Puppy Cut

This is a simple trim that is easy to maintain, according to the You Can Do It Dog Grooming website. It is the same length over the dog's entire body. It can be long or short -- depending on your preference. It is an easy style to create on your canine companion even if you are not a professional dog groomer. Brush your dog's hair up before beginning to trim. This makes it easier to get an even cut.

The Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is an all-purpose canine hairstyle that looks good on dogs of various sizes. Poodles, terriers, toy breeds and even larger-size dogs wear this cut well, according to the You Can Do It Dog Grooming website. The style is characterized by a close trim on the body with hair being left a bit longer on the dog's legs. It resembles the fullness of a lamb's leg prior to being sheared. The website Pet Grooming indicates the key to a successful lamb cut is blending the hair on the top of legs where legs join the body.

The Lion Cut

Canines sporting this style are mistaken for the large and ferocious felines for which the cut is named. The Daily Mail Online recounts the story of a labradoodle in Norfolk, Virginia, who caused quite a stir and several calls to police as residents reported seeing a baby lion walking the streets in January 2013. Instead, it was a furry, 4-year-old dog sporting the lion cut style, featuring long neck hair but short hair on the face and body with a fanned tail similar to that of an adult male lion. It's a high-maintenance style, according to the website Dog Groomers.

The Teddy Bear Trim

Many small-size dog breeds with fluffy hair such as cocker spaniels, Lhasa apso, Maltese and Pomeranian sport the teddy bear hairstyle. The hair is left on the dog's face and is trimmed to a rounded effect using hand scissors. The result is a pup that looks like a cuddly teddy bear. It isn't the easiest style to learn to cut, but one also does not need a lot of dog grooming supplies to achieve this style.