Canine Styles of Blanket Coats

Nice and warm.
Three Lions/Valueline/Getty Images

A doggie blanket coat is a coat secured at the neck and tummy with nylon straps. As the name implies, its main function is to keep your dog warm and dry, but since it doesn't bind around the legs, it also allows your dog comfort and freedom of movement. Blanket coats are mostly functional, and the styles are, therefore, basic. But you can get them in all sizes; some brands offer blanket coats by dog breed, as well as size.


Waterproof doggie blanket coats may be made of nylon or waxed cotton, and some come lined with fleece or faux fur, if you want warmth as well as water repellance. A few waterproof blanket coats come with matching rain hats, and some are available in traditional shiny raincoat yellow.


Quilted doggie blanket coats add an extra layer of warmth and softness, and come in solid, plaid and print designs. Some feature a D-ring sewn into the garment to allow the coat to double as a harness for smaller dogs; others offer adjustable straps for a more tailored fit.


Many doggie blanket coats are made entirely of soft, warm fleece. Such coats replicate the feeling of being wrapped in a fleece blanket, but are best for dry-weather wear. Other doggie blanket coats, such as water-repellant models, are often lined with fleece for added warmth.


Some canine blanket coats are hooded, especially if they are also rain-repellant. This is also usual with quilted styles meant for inclement weather. The hood not only keeps your dog's head dry, it also helps retain heat, since dogs lose heat through their ears.