Is Canine TVT Contagious to Humans?

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Transmissible venereal tumors are common tumors spread by either sexual or direct contact with an infected dog. Despite being highly contagious to other canines, TVT can't be transmitted from an infected pooch to another animal species, including humans. To prevent your beloved pooch from spreading or contracting this disease, it's important to alter and manipulate his behavior a bit.

Transmission Between Dogs

TVTs are considered sexually transmitted; a pooch may get one from being sexually active with an infected dog or by licking an infected dog's tumor. The tumors are nodules and often located on a dog's genitals. In most cases, these tumors ulcerate, or open and bleed. If your pooch is infected, keep your dog away from other dogs to prevent the spread of this disease. If you have strays in your immediate area, keep your dog safe from contact at all times as TVTs may develop from simple acts such as sniffing or touching an infected dog's tumor. Take your pooch to the vet immediately if you notice bumps on his genitals or you believe he has been exposed; these tumors can spread through the body.



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