Capstar for Dogs

Dogs, big or small, can be infected with fleas.
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If Fluffy has been itching, it might be due to fleas. Capstar is a rapid-acting flea treatment that starts to act within 30 minutes, which is why it became popular as soon as it arrived on the market. It's a safe and fast treatment when Fluffy is losing her hair because she’s itchy. Don't apply it without getting your vet's confirmation that it will be effective for your dogs.


The active ingredient is nitenpyram. The product is safe enough to use on Fluffy’s puppies as soon as they turn 4 weeks old. While you can give it daily, you will have the most success when you combine its use with another product. According to Novartis, the manufacturer of Capstar, the tablet can be used with other forms of flea prevention, as well as medications to treat flea allergies, if needed. Capstar kills adult fleas only, not larvae, and it doesn’t repel them. It's for immediate relief, not long-term treatment. You should have another flea preventive in your pet's monthly regimen of health care. Your vet will know which monthly preventive is best.