Where Do I Find Car Seats for Dogs?

Car safety is imperative when traveling with your dog.
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Traveling the open road with your dog can be a pleasant experience if safety precautions such as dog car seats, are in play. Dog car seats protect your dog from injury, and allow you to focus on driving instead of his distractions. Dog car seats are available for purchase through a number of vendors. Don't let the point of purchase dictate your decision; study them to determine which would best serve you and the dog.

Importance of Dog Car Seats

When traveling by car with your dog, it is important to consider the pet's well-being. The dog car seat restrains him to a degree, reducing his risk of injury in an accident and limiting his ability to interfere withyou. Dogs can become anxious or excited while traveling and may not want to sit still, but a dog car seat will keep him secured and help prevent motion sickness while traveling.

Where to Buy Dog Car Seats

Dog car seats are sold at many pet supply stores, as well as through online pet travel product merchants. Used ones are available on user-listed websites such as eBay and Craig's List. Car seats are affordable, ranging from $25 to $80 new, depending on dog size and dog seat features. Some have storage drawers, seat boosters and the ability to convert into backpacks or pet beds.