Is Carrot Juice OK for Dogs?

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While dogs are carnivores, they do enjoy vegetables too. Raw carrots offer a pleasing crunch and a healthy vitamin boost, but may be difficult for older dogs to chew. Carrot juice offers Rover the same health benefits as raw carrots and may be easier to eat.


If you want to share a fresh carrot or carrot juice with Rover, do so knowing that it's a healthy option. Look for 100 percent carrot juice at your local supermarket or juice raw carrots yourself in a juicer. Discard fresh carrot juice after 48 hours; fresh vegetable juices do not store well.


Carrots contain a wealth of vitamins, including A, C, D, E, K and B-complex vitamins. Juicing retains the vitamins, so it offers Rover the same health benefits as eating carrots. Since carrots are low in calories, the juice may make a nice treat for overweight dogs who cannot eat high-calorie foods. Additionally, older dogs with tooth problems may not be able to eat raw carrots and may be able to enjoy an old snack in juice form.


Read the label on that carrot juice before offering some to Rover. Whole juices, or those made with pure fruits and veggies, are suitable for dogs, so look for an all natural carrot juice made with real carrots. Stay away from fruit or vegetable juices that contain added sugar, food dyes and artificial ingredients. It's better to feed Rover a raw carrot than a sugary juice that contains artificial flavoring.


Even though carrot juice is safe for Rover, too much of it is not. Offer small amounts of juice as a treat only and stick to water for Rover's main beverage. Carrots contain natural sugar, which gives them their sweet taste. If Rover has diabetes and needs to watch his sugar intake, it's better to avoid offering carrot juice altogether and stick to water instead. Consult your vet before making any major changes to Rover's diet.


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