How to Change Dog Clipper Blades

New blades help you get that perfect cut.
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Clipping your pooch saves you time and money, while allowing you to bond with him. After several uses, you may notice your blades become dull and do not cut as well. Changing the blades are a simple task you can complete by yourself.

Step 1

Turn off the clippers and unplug them from the wall. Allow them to cool down completely.

Step 2

Hold the clippers in both hands with the back of the blades facing you and the teeth facing away.

Step 3

Press both thumbs on the blade and push upwards. It should pop off. Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry the tongue of the hinge out if the blade is stuck, as directed by the Valley Vet website.

Step 4

Clean the clippers while the blade is off. Use a small toothbrush to remove any hair and dust that has accumulated.

Step 5

Slide the new blade on the clipper straight down. Make sure the teeth point away from you.

Step 6

Line up the plastic clasps and click the blade into place. The blade should fit on the clipper only if inserted correctly.


  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions before changing blades. Make sure you use the brand of blade recommended by the manufacturer.

Items You Will Need

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Toothbrush