Characteristics of a Morkie

The Morkie has inherited the Yorkie's lively spirit.
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The Morkie is a hybrid of the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier, and is also known as a Yorktese. The International Canine Design Registry listed the Morkie in 2009 as a registered breed. The Morkie has his own character, but many of his traits come from his Maltese and Yorkie parents.


Hybrid pups tend to suffer less from the genetic health problems that purebred dogs face, according to Morkie breeders. An average lifespan is 10 to 15 years. The Morkie is spirited, affectionate and enjoys lots of human companionship. Owners will find him intelligent and loyal. They also get on very well with other household pets. He's a compact size, and although he's small, he's quite sturdy. He does need daily grooming. He doesn't make a lot of noise, but when necessary, he will let you know if strangers are about. He can be a bit tricky to train due to a stubborn streak, but with patience and persistence he falls into a routine. He needs some daily exercise and loves play time as well as a daily walk. Make sure he has some safe toys to amuse him if you have to leave him alone for a few hours, as he gets bored.