Christmas Collars for Dogs

Get Fido ready for a visit from Santa.
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During the holidays, your pooch can be a part of the festivities by dressing up for the occasion with a Christmas-themed collar. Whether simple or ornate, these collars make your pup look cute for family parties or holiday portraits. While some decorative collars are only for special occasions, you can use others throughout the winter months or even add some Christmas-themed accessories to your pup's existing collar.

Everyday Collars

Basic collars that are safe to use daily come complete with a breakaway closure that opens up if it becomes caught on a fence or inside Fido's crate, recommends Dogster. There are many such collars available with Christmas-themed patterns made from fabric, leather or plastic. These holiday patterns include pictures of Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees and wreaths. Some collars may feature Christmas colors and have a red-and-green pattern, like plaid. No matter what design you choose, don't forget to transfer your pup's important identification tags to his holiday collar for use during the months leading up to Christmas.

Decorative Collars

Unlike basic collars that you can use every day around the holidays with Fido, there are more ornate Christmas-themed collars you can purchase for a special occasion, like a party or family Christmas card photo. Your pup wears these types of collars over his existing one and only during the occasion because they usually won't contain safety features like a breakaway latch. For the holidays, you can purchase elastic holiday collars made from red or green velvet and plaid, featuring jingle bells or even bandana-style collars made from Christmas-themed fabric. Other holiday collars feature ribbons, fluffy tulle fabric, blinking light emitting diode lights or Christmas-themed charms featuring decorated trees, Santa and his reindeer.

Collar Add-Ons

If your pooch seems happy with his existing collar, and you don't want to upset him by putting on a temporary one for the holiday season, you can add some Christmas-themed decorations to his collar for a touch of holiday bling. Take an inexpensive holiday-themed pendant and attach it to his collar with his identification tags. You can also attach a small, unbreakable Christmas tree ornament or gift bow to the collar. If you're crafty, you can sew on a few red and green rhinestones or buttons to the collar if it's made of fabric, which you can remove after the holidays are over.


You can purchase holiday-themed collars in most pet supply stores and online retailers. If buying a Christmas-themed collar, you also may want to get some matching accessories, such as a leash, harness, booties or doggy shirt. Skip the store and make your own holiday collar for Fido by sewing him one from your favorite Christmas-themed fabric; don't forget the breakaway fastener for safety. Whether making the collar or purchasing one, measure Fido's neck so that you get him a collar that isn't too loose or uncomfortably tight, recommends the Humane Society of the United States. If you can't fit two fingers under the collar, it's too small and Fido needs a bigger size.