Ckc Vs. AKC Dog Registration

Both the AKC and CKC sponsor dogs shows and other canine competitions.
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More than 100 years elapsed between the founding of the American Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club. While the older organization remains more prestigious, the CKC came of age during the Internet and has used it for promotion and publicizing of its services. The CKC is an international registry that charges lower fees for registration and other services compared to the AKC.

American Kennel Club

The venerable AKC, in existence since 1884, actually has a stud book dating back much further. After the AKC's organization, the National American Kennel Club Stud Book was presented to the new club so it could have reliable breeding information. Over the decades, the AKC created various groups in which dogs of similar backgrounds could compete. Today, there are seven such groups: toy, hound, working, terrier, non-sporting, sporting and herding. Besides dog shows, the AKC sponsors agility, field trials, earth dog, herding, lure coursing and other canine events.

Continental Kennel Club

Started in 1991, the CKC "offers the dog world a choice in canine registration services," according to its website. Along with AKC-registered breeds, the CKC recognizes many breeds that do not have AKC recognition. These include many European, Asian and developing breeds. While the CKC accepts dogs registered with the AKC, the AKC does not reciprocate.

Registration Regulations

Both organizations require that the mother of the litter is registered with them, with the AKC also requiring that the father is AKC-registered. The AKC requires litter registration by the breeder, with the owner of an individual puppy receiving a dog registration application from the breeder or seller. The owner then sends in the application to the AKC, with the required fee. The application form includes the dog's gender, color and markings, name, and the signatures of the litter owner, new owner and any co-owners. The CKC's registration process is similar, except that the father of the puppy can be registered with another breed registry recognized by the CKC.

Mixed Breed Dogs

While the AKC does not permit formal registration of mixed breed dogs, the CKC does allow such registration. Dogs of unknown or mixed parentage receive a "nonpurebred" stamp on their registration papers. The breed description reads "miscellaneous" on the papers. The CKC website states that such registration allows these often rescued dogs to participate in CKC performance events and other CKC services. The AKC's "Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege" (PALILP) program permits dogs who clearly resemble an AKC registered breed and are spayed or neutered to participate in some AKC events. Along with dogs rescued from shelters or owners who never received their dogs' papers, PALILP-eligible dogs include those registered with the CKC and other organizations whose registrations the AKC does not recognize.