How to Clean a Pomeranian's Eyes

by Susan Paretts

Tearing can stain the area around your Pomeranian's eyes.

The Pomeranian breed of dog has a very outgoing, gregarious temperament. These small dogs, members of the toy breed, weigh anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds and love to please their owners, according to the American Kennel Club. Because of their thick double coats, they require frequent grooming and brushing. Part of this grooming includes cleaning their eyes. Like other small breeds, discharge from their eyes can lead to a buildup of dried tears and stains on the fur around the eyes. Regular eye cleanings prevent this buildup from leading to eye infections.

Step 1

Trim away excess fur from around your Pomeranian's eyes using round-tipped scissors. This keeps the Pomeranian's naturally long hair out of its eyes, preventing it from causing irritation and tearing.

Step 2

Moisten a cotton ball with warm water, and use it to loosen any crusty debris in or around the eyes by holding it over the debris for a few seconds. Wipe outward from the corner of the eye, sweeping away any crusts and excess tears. Avoid touching the inside of the eye, which can scratch the cornea.

Step 3

Clean away any hard-to-remove crusty discharge with a moist cotton swab dipped in warm water or a sterile saline solution. Use the cotton swab in the corner of the eye and around the eye, careful to avoid the eye itself.

Step 4

Remove any cloudy debris from inside the eye using a sterile veterinary eye wash, found in pet supply stores or at your local veterinarian's office. Using an eye dropper, apply a few drops of the eye wash directly into the dog's eyes to flush out the debris, and wipe it away with a dampened cotton ball or tissue. Repeat this procedure until all the debris is removed from the inside of the eye.

Step 5

Remove any stains around the eyes using a veterinary eye-stain removal solution or pre-moistened pads, found in pet supply stores, if they do not come off with water. Wipe the stained fur around the eyes with the pads or a cotton ball soaked in the stain removal solution. Soak a cotton ball in plain, warm water and wipe the solution away.

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