How to Clip a Dog's Hind End

Clipping the hind side helps keep your dog sanitary.
Al Barry/Valueline/Getty Images

Trimming and clipping your dog doesn’t stop in the front. One of the most important areas is the hind end under the dog’s tail, since it comes in contact with the ground often and may get covered with dirt and feces. With a good set of scissors, you can trim your dog’s hind end like a pro.

Step 1

Place your dog on a grooming table or stationary location that reaches at least to your waist. If he will not stand for grooming, have someone help hold him when you're trimming his hind end.

Step 2

Hold the scissors in one hand and raise the tail with your other hand. Hold the tail straight up to prevent your dog from trying to sit.

Step 3

Clip the hair from the anus outward and down the back side. Skim the hair carefully with the scissors not to cut too close or nick the anus. Leave the hair approximately 1/2 to 1/4 inch long.

Step 4

Cut the hair down from the anus towards the gentiles. Use a set of blunt-end scissors if you are worried you may cut too close to the skin. Pull the hair out with one hand and cut long strokes downward from the anus to the feet until the hair is the desired length.

Step 5

Lift one of the dog’s back legs and pull the skin tight to prevent nicking it. Cut the hair from the underside of his belly down the inside of the leg. Repeat this on the other side.


  • Don’t cut the hair too close to the skin. This may cause itching and discomfort when it grows back. If your dog has sensitive skin, apply petroleum jelly or an ointment to the trimmed area.

Items You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Comb