Clipping and Grooming Pomapoo Puppies

For the perfect look, take your puppy to a dog groomer.
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Pomapoo puppies boast a lustrous coat that results from breeding a Pomeranian and a poodle. While Pomapoo puppies tend to resemble their Pomeranian parent most closely, their coat texture can range from curly to wavy to straight. Pomapoo puppies require grooming and clipping techniques distinct from other breeds.


Maintain the rich coat for which Pomapoos are prized. Begin a brushing routine while your dog is a puppy so this ritual becomes a lifelong habit for both of you. Puppies usually have shorter, fluffier, softer coats than adult dogs and require less frequent brushing. Nevertheless, if you brush your puppy as part of a regular grooming session at least once a week, you establish healthy hygiene habits that are easier to maintain throughout your pet’s adulthood. Since many Pomapoo puppies have long coats, you may find that a daily brushing is necessary to prevent the hair from becoming knotted.

Cleaning Teeth

Grooming a Pomapoo puppy involves more than caring for its coat. Like many hybrid dogs, Pomapoos are inclined to have health problems. These dogs are especially susceptible to dental and gum diseases. To help keep your Pomapoo puppy’s teeth healthy, brush them weekly with a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs that you can obtain from your vet or a pet store.


A weekly bath, brushing and teeth cleaning provides an ideal opportunity to examine your dog’s ears, an area of your pet that may not get much attention but can still present health problems. At least once a week, look inside your Pomapoo puppy’s ears with a small flashlight. If you notice wax buildup, yellow ooze that can indicate an infection, or red, irritated skin, consult your veterinarian.

Feet and Nails

Complete your grooming regime by examining your Pomapoo puppy’s feet for cuts and applying a disinfectant to cracks or puncture wounds in the pads of the paws. Remove thorns or burrs that may have lodged between the toes. While most dogs wear their nails down to a healthy length during outdoor play, examine your Pomapoo’s nails weekly and use a nail clipper designed for dogs to clip nails if they begin to curl over.

Clipping the Coat

Like their poodle parent, Pomapoo puppies require scissoring to keep their coat groomed in an ideal shape. Trim your pet’s hair in areas where it is so long it becomes inconvenient; for example, clip hairs that grow into your puppy’s eyes and snip away fur around your pet’s rectum for good hygiene. To obtain the ideal shape for your puppy’s coat, take your pet to a professional groomer, who can clip the coat to lengths that are appropriate for your pet’s unique hair texture, since Pomapoo’s vary in appearance. Use scissors to maintain the shape your groomer creates at home, trimming off about half an inch of hair each month.