Clonidine & Dogs

Clonidine might help relieve this dog's anxiety.
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Developed to lower high blood pressure in humans, clonidine also proves effective in treating anxiety and fear issues in canines. According to a study published in the March 2011 issue of the "Journal of Veterinary Behavior," clonidine significantly reduced phobic reactions in two groups of dogs. Owners of dogs in both groups reported significant reduction in their dogs' anxiety or fear-based behavior after clonidine administration.

Clonidine Canine Trial

The 22 dogs involved in the study were divided into groups based on their primary issue. The first group consisted of dogs suffering from noise phobia, such as the sound of thunderstorms, or separation anxiety, while the second group consisted of dogs exhibiting fear-based aggression. Both groups also received behavioral modification training in addition to clonidine. At the end of the trial, 70 percent of the owners of dogs with noise phobia and separation anxiety reported their dogs behavior improved, while 92 percent of the owners whose dogs showed fear-based aggression reported improvement. Talk to your vet if you think clonidine might help your dog.