Do Cockapoos Bark a Lot

A cockpoo shouldn't drive you crazy with barking.
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The crossbreed cockapoo, which blends the cocker spaniel with the poodle, has all the makings of a good family pet, by design. The fluffy, if somewhat scruffy, cockapoo is bright-eyed, affectionate and generally easy to train.

The Quietish Cockapoo

Fortunately for apartment dwellers and anyone who has neighbors within hearing range, the cockapoo is not noted for a tendency to bark. The cockapoo is typically an indoors dog but, because his breed origins are in the hunting and working dogs class, he need plenty of activities to keep him from getting bored. If he is bored -- this can be a behavioral concern for a dog, boredom is harder on a dog than it is for you -- he is likely to let you know by barking. He may bark if left home alone for long periods of time, and he may bark to let you know if you have a visitor at the front door. That said, his watchdog abilities are not highly rated. Deal promptly, but patiently, with a cockapoo who tends to bark excessively. It's essential you discover the cause before you start correcting him, because it could be something that is easily fixed.