Do Collies Dogs Do Well in Hot Weather?

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When it comes to heat tolerance, all dog breeds are different. Some of them, such as Chihuahuas, can manage well in warmer temperatures. Others are the polar opposite, such as pugs. Collies are somewhere in the middle, with a moderate tolerance of hot weather conditions. Collies in general, however, aren't fans of heat.

Rough and Smooth Collies

Collies exist in two distinct varieties -- rough and smooth. Rough collies are the more well-known of the two. If you're familiar with Lassie, then you're familiar with these cuties. Rough collies have long hair, while smooth collies, in line with their name, have short hair. The two varieties are the same with the exception of coat lengths. Their coat length also affects how they react to heat. Note that collies overall, however, do not appreciate intense heat. They also don't thrive in it. Because of this, it's crucial to keep them protected against any severe temperatures, including cold.

Rough Collies Have It Worse

Since smooth collies have shorter hair, they can manage a little better in the heat than their rough counterparts. Rough collies have extremely dense and substantial coats -- not exactly a recipe for calm, cool composure in the heat. Regardless of heat tolerance, collies are ideal for indoor lifestyles. They tend to connect deeply with the humans in their lives, and as a result love being around them -- all the time.

Double Coat Protection

Collies have one key advantage that often helps them on warmer summer days. They have double coats, complete with undercoats. These double coats help shield them from the summer heat. In the winter, the double coats shield them from the unpleasant cold, too. Owners of collies are not supposed to shave or cut their dogs' coats, except in cases of health issues, indicate authors Mary O. Sundstrom and Harold Walter Sundstrom.

Collies and Heatstroke

Since rough collies have such thick coats, they're particularly susceptible to heatstroke, according to author Melissa Gaskill. Because of this, it's absolutely vital to protect your collie from extreme heat. Not only can heatstroke be fatal to dogs, it can bring upon severe, lasting issues with the lungs and heart. You can protect your precious collie from heatstroke by never keeping him in a parked vehicle, period. Ample air circulation is a must for dogs. You can also protect your pet by making sure that he always has plenty of clean, fresh water in front of him. Some telling symptoms of heatstroke in canines are problems breathing, salivation, panting, runny stools, feebleness, exhaustion, rapid heart rate, throwing up, glazed-over eyes, fainting and various others. If you have any reason to think that your collie might be overheated, get him to the veterinarian without delay.