How to Comb Out the Undercoat of a Dog

Undercoats are thickest at a dog's neck and hind legs. Images

The thick undercoat insulates your pooch year round, keeping out heat in the summer and pulling it in during the winter. If your pooch sheds piles of fur around the home, it's time to remove the undercoat. A thorough brushing removes loose hair and mats, along with undercoat fur.

Step 1

Separate out a section of your pooch's fur with your hand, then pull the fur back so her skin is visible. Start at the rear lower leg.

Step 2

Brush the thick hair with a pin brush outward from the skin toward the ends of the hair. Use gentle pressure to remove loose hair. Go over the same area with a slicker brush, which removes small mats. Comb out the matted fur gently before moving on to the next spot.

Step 3

Work through layers from the thick hair closest to the skin to the top layer of hair. Once you finish one section, move up the leg and continue to comb the hair with the pin and slicker brushes.

Step 4

Comb the second rear leg in the same manner. After the second leg, work toward the front of the dog by removing the undercoat from his sides and back.

Step 5

Pay close attention to your dog's armpits, or the fur on the underside of the front legs. This area can be prone to matting. To access the armpit, hold your dog's front foot out and brush gently. Your dog may squirm a bit, but it's important to remove matted fur here.

Step 6

Concentrate on the neck next. As with the legs, work in layers from the undermost fur toward the top fur. Work from the back of the neck around one side to the front, then around the other side.

Step 7

Switch to a comb to remove hair from your dog's head. This area requires very gentle grooming. If you encounter mats, gently comb them out.

Step 8

Go over your pooch again using an undercoat rake, a special tool designed to remove undercoat fur. As with the brush, use gentle pressure to draw out any remaining undercoat fur.


  • If you can't comb through mats on your dog, take her to a groomer to have the mats shaved. Trying to cut the mats with scissors can be dangerous, particularly on the head area.


  • Mist dry fur with grooming spray to make undercoat removal easier.

Items You Will Need

  • Pin brush
  • Slicker brush
  • Undercoat rake
  • Grooming spray