Is the Common Privet Poisonous to Dogs?

The privet makes a great hedge, but keep your pets away from it.
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The privet hedge is a feature of many a yard and as you walk your pooch, you may pass entire streets lined with the common privet hedge. Ligustrum vulgare, as it is scientifically known, is a member of the Oleaceae family. This means it is a relative of the olive tree. The privet's dense foliage makes it ideal for providing a home with privacy, but it won't do your pup as much good.

Toxins and Effects

The common privet contains terpenoid glycosides. These have beneficial uses in medicine and pest control. Foxglove contains terpenoids that are used in cardiac medicine. Terpenoids from plants like jasmine are used in toiletries and household products. However, its leaves and bark are toxic for your dog. The most common symptom is gastrointestinal upset. More serious symptoms include loss of coordination and a racing heart. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control says animals rarely ingest a fatal dose. Take your pup to the vet if he seems unwell and may have been playing around a privet.