How to Cook Chicken Livers for Dogs

Chicken liver may help your dog enjoy his food more.
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A well-balanced diet for your furry friend contains a mixture of protein and carbohydrates. Since the introduction of processed dog food in the early 1900s, poultry by-products have been used in dry and moist dog foods. This makes chicken livers a great choice for an added treat or topping to spruce up your pet’s meal.

Step 1

Wash the chicken livers under cool water. This helps remove any debris from packaging.

Step 2

Place up to 10 livers in a medium-sized pot and cover them with about 1 inch cool water.

Step 3

Bring the water to a boil over high heat on the stove. Simmer the livers on low for about 15 minutes until they are tender.

Step 4

Remove the pot from the heat. Drain the water and allow the livers to cool on a plate.

Step 5

Dice the livers and serve them to your pooch. Only feed him two or three at a time, once or twice a week.


  • Chicken livers are high in vitamins A, C and iron, so only feed them to your dog as a treat. Do not fry them; the added grease may cause stomach upset.


  • Store the cooked livers covered in the refrigerator up to a week.

Items You Will Need

  • Medium pot
  • Plate