How to Cool Dog Beds

A nice breeze helps keep your dog cool.
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Dogs can't cool themselves down nearly as well as humans can. Of course there's that big coat to contend with, but it's not the main problem. While you can get sweaty all over so the moisture cools your skin, your dog has sweat glands only on her nose and paw pads. She releases some heat via panting, too, but it's not the most efficient system Mother Nature designed. So take pity on your pooch when the hot weather rolls around and keep her bed cool so she can rest comfortably.

Step 1

Relocate your dog's bed where it won't ever be in direct sunlight. While she may have enjoyed curling up in the sun when the weather was nice, it's an unnecessary source of heat when she wants to stay cool. Remember, sunlight hitting the bed even while she's off somewhere else heats up the fabric.

Step 2

Move your dog's bed away from any appliances or electronics that give off heat. When she wants a cool place to lie, she won't appreciate the heat radiating from the refrigerator or computer next to her bed.

Step 3

Keep your dog's bed in a temperature-controlled room with the air conditioner running.

Step 4

Place a small fan near your dog's bed and direct it right where she sleeps. For more cooling power, place a plate of ice halfway between the fan and the bed. This cools the air before it hits her, and as an added bonus, your dog can lick the ice if she's so inclined.

Step 5

Put some ice packs under your dog's bed. Dogs cool from the bottom up, so a chill beneath them is an effective way to cool them off.

Step 6

Leave a few ice packs on top of your dog's bed while she's not using it. They'll chill the surface for her without getting it wet; temperature aside, a damp bed isn't too cozy and it may be irritating to your pet's skin if she lies on it.

Step 7

Purchase a dog bed you can fill with cold water if you want to make an investment in your dog's comfort over the summer months. These products are designed to stay nice and chilled for your dog.


  • Remember to keep a bowl of fresh, cool water next to your dog's bed during particularly hot or humid weather. She may feel a bit lazy from the heat, but it's more important than ever that she get lots of fluids.

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