Are Corgis Good Farm Dogs?

Corgis are watchful and dedicated to their human family.
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Corgis have a long history as bold, intelligent dogs who thrive in working farm environments. They have assisted shepherds and cattlemen for centuries, although they're primarily used today with smaller livestock on hobby farms or in herding trials. Due to their small stature and easygoing nature, corgis have become popular in more urban areas, but their instincts and strengths lie in being an integral part of farm life.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh corgi is known as the slightly larger corgi with a tail. Historically they were used in Wales to herd smaller breeds of cattle on common land where farmers were allowed to graze their livestock. His double coat makes him a hearty dog in all weather conditions, but it also requires routine grooming to remove dead hair and mats. He prefers being in the company of his family and is intelligent and obedient, making him ideal for tasks around a farm.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh corgi was originally bred to assist in herding cattle, although they were also used to keep free-range chickens, ducks and geese close to their farmyard and safe from predators. They herd quietly, without barking or growling, as that would scare fowl away and alert possible predators. In addition, the Pembroke corgi is proficient at chasing away vermin and other small creatures. With his level temperament, he is an ideal friend for the children of the family while serving a purpose on farmland.

Herding Livestock

Both corgi varieties excel at herding. While they may not be the largest herding breed, they are still very effective. Corgis are adept at herding smaller livestock such as chickens, goats, sheep and pigs. Even if your corgi is not trained to herd livestock, most will learn quickly and enjoy the challenge of the sport. Corgis also herd and drive livestock well as a team, so having more than one corgi herding a larger group of livestock, or larger animals such as cattle, will yield even greater success.

Farm Protection

Corgis are alert and loyal dogs, and they're excellent at calling attention to a potential threat, whether it's a predator to your livestock or an unfamiliar person approaching. A corgi will bark to let you know that you may have an unexpected visitor, but can be trained to cease barking when his owner gives the command. Do not plan to leave your corgi alone for long periods, though, as he prefers the company of others over a solitary lifestyle. His dedication to his family and farmland gives him an unwavering attitude, and his love of the outdoors means he's a compact yet ideal sentinel for your farm or home of any size.