Corn Starch for a Broken Nail in a Dog

Make it a part of your daily routine to check your dog's feet for broken toenails and injury.
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The most common injury dogs suffer to their feet is a broken or torn toenail. Your dog may break his nail while playing outside or digging into his favorite blanket; you may even trim his nail too short while grooming his feet. If you notice any bleeding, you want to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible. Cornstarch helps.

Torn Toenail

If your dog dog has a broken toenail, trim off any loose nail to prevent further injury. If the nail is bleeding, you can use corn starch to stop the bleeding. Pour corn starch in a small container and place your dog's paw in the container. Hold the paw there for up to two minutes so the corn starch can completely saturate the bleeding nail and stop the bleeding.

Vet Treatment

If the break is by the nail bed, an infection may set in, which is why it's important to keep a close eye on your dog's paw until the break has completely healed. Keep an eye on pus, drainage and pain. If you see potential signs of infection or if your dog favors the paw for three to five days after the break, consult your vet.