How Could You Teach Puppies to Drink Water in a Bowl?

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Puppies do things at their own pace. However, drinking from a water bowl is an important lesson, since it keeps them from dehydrating. It is a natural instinct for them to want water when they are thirsty, but teaching them that a water bowl is safe falls on you.

Step 1

Use a small, flat bowl that your puppy can reach over easily. This helps keep him from getting water up his nose when he’s learning to drink.

Step 2

Put a drop or two of honey in the water to sweeten it. Mix it up.

Step 3

Dab a small about of water on your puppy’s lip while showing her the water. Let her lick her lips and taste the sweetness.

Step 4

Add a small amount of warm water to your puppy’s food. Regardless of whether you feed him kibble or moist food, pour a little water in it and he will generally lap it up.

Step 5

Let your puppy drink water while his mom is drinking. Often, they learn from watching an older dog.


  • Call your vet if your puppy shows any signs of dehydration, such as dry gums, lethargy or elastic skin, as stated by The Happy Dog Spot website.


  • Always keep clean water for your puppy. If it gets food or debris in it, change the water.

Items You Will Need

  • Small bowl
  • Honey
  • Food


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