What Countries Use Dobermans as Military Dogs?

The Doberman's short hair is a disadvantage in some climates.
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Preferences for using various dog breeds in military forces have fluctuated throughout history. While Dobermans were valued for military work in prior decades, most modern military forces rely on other breeds for patrolling, guarding and search and rescue duties. However, the Indian army currently trains and uses Doberman pinschers as well as other breeds.

Custom Built Soldiers

Many countries with large military forcea have developed or refined dog breeds to suit their purposes. For example, the South Korean military uses Jindos, while the Israeli armed forces rely on Canaans to help patrol and guard territory. The former Soviet Union began developing its own breeds during the 1940s, culminating in the creation of the black Russian terrier in 1957.

U.S. Military Dogs: Past and Present

Dobermans were one of the five preferred breeds of American military forces during World War II. However, Belgian Malinois, Dutch shepherds and German shepherds currently are preferred by the armed forces. A small number of Labrador retrievers and mixed breed dogs also work for the U.S. military.