How to Create a Pedigree Dog Picture

by Karen Frisch

A dog with a distinguished lineage deserves a chart that shows his heritage. Pedigree charts usually contain names, dates and places of birth, color or other specifics, and sometimes photographs. If you have the names of your dogs' parents and grandparents, you can make a three-generation pedigree picture arranged by generation in three columns. Their kennels might have copies of photographs they can share. Even without photographs, you can create an impressive display that you'll treasure, with information from your dog's history over two or three generations or more. Directions are included here for a vertical three-generation pedigree chart with photographs.

Step 1

Choose a color or finish for your 22-by-28-inch background paper. Pick a finish ranging from rough watercolor paper to smooth vellum if you use paper from an art supply store. Select a color if you use smooth poster board.

Step 2

Choose the photographs of the dogs you plan to include in your display. Scan or print photos so they all measure 4-by-6 inches.

Step 3

Type names, dates and birthplaces, and other pertinent information into the computer so you can experiment with sizes and fonts. Type "Sire" with a colon before male names and "Dam" with a colon before females. Make sure the text fits into a 2.5-by-6-inch block. Select a readable font, proofread the pedigree information, and print it out. Cut the information on strips 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.

Step 4

Hold the paper or poster board vertically. Divide it visually into three equal columns, using a ruler if necessary.

Step 5

Lay out photographs and information on paper or poster board in an arrangement you like. Center your dog's photo in the first column above his pedigree paper. Place his parents in the second column, evenly spaced, with father above, mother below, and pedigree beneath each. Put grandparents in the third column, photos above pedigree, all evenly spaced, in the following order: father's father first, father's mother second, mother's father third, and mother's mother fourth.

Step 6

Use a ruler to ensure you have the same distance between and within the three columns. Note that there won't be much space between photos and information in the grandparents' generation.

Step 7

Turn photos and pedigree papers face down. Attach four small pieces of double-sided tape to the backs of photos and pedigrees on the top, bottom, and sides.

Step 8

Affix photos and information in their proper places carefully as measured. Frame or mat your work.

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