How to Cut Your Long-Hair Chihuahua

Trim your long-haired Chihuahua around its mouth and rear.
Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

The Chihuahua is a much-loved small dog breed in the United States. This dog can have either a short coat or a long coat. The long-haired breed sheds less than the short-haired, but it does require more grooming so that the fur is kept clean and presentable. The long-haired Chihuahua's hair does not continually grow like some other long-haired breeds, such as the Maltese; so when its hair reaches its full potential, it will stop growing. Because of that, most of the hair on the dog's body does not require trimming. The hair around its mouth and rear end should be trimmed, however, for sanitary reasons.

Decide whether you want to use scissors or dog shears to trim your long-haired Chihuahua. Dog shears work best when you are inexperienced and are not certain that you can cut the dog's hair to an appropriate length with scissors. If you are more comfortable with scissors, use those.

Hold the dog's tail up with one hand. Do not allow it to tuck the tail between its legs. Trim the hair around the long-haired Chihuahua's rear end to about 1/2-inch long. This is so that the hair does not become soiled when it uses the bathroom. Taper the hair beyond this area gradually so that it blends with the rest of the dog's hair.

Trim the hair around the dog's mouth and neck to keep it from becoming dirty when the dog eats. The hair directly around its mouth should be trimmed to about 1/4-inch long. Gradually taper the hair around the mouth and on the neck so that it blends with the hair on its chest.

An Item You Will Need

  • Scissors or dog shears