How to Cut Out Dreadlocks on a Dog

Trimming your dog's coat can minimize dreadlocks.
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Dreadlocks develop in the coat just like mats or other tangles. They look longer because the coat curls down the length as it tangles. Dreadlocks are made worse by catching loose hair and preventing it from falling out when your dog is shedding. A thorough brushing several times a week will remove these loose hairs before they form dreads in your dog's coat. Once there, you may be able to pick them loose, but it is easier and less frustrating to cut them out.

Grasp the dreadlock close to your dog's body. Use your fingers to separate the dreadlock from other hairs so you can cut the smallest section of hair as possible.

Position the scissors so they are facing away from your dog's skin. Cut at the very top of the dreadlock, leaving as much hair as possible above the knot.


Cut the dreadlock strand off, keeping the point of the scissors pointed away from your dog's skin. It may take several cuts to remove the dreadlock.


Comb your dog thoroughly once the dreadlocks are out to remove any remaining tangles.